My Big Break…. err… broken heart.

My very first big event as an artistan is scheduled for next Friday. I’m to be doing a demo/sale table at a local bank for our town’s annual festival.

57 media sources have been given the schedule of events.

Seriously, 57… That’s HUGE!

In every single one of them I’m listed as Kathy Ogle, Author.


My name is not Kathy, Cathy, Casey, Cassandra, Carrie, Cassidy, or Caffie (one of the weirdest mess-ups).

It’s CASSIE pronounced cass as in CASSette or in Mama Cass then E… like the letter E. It’s really not that hard.

This is my number 1 pet peeve. I hate to be called by the wrong name. Now when it’s something extremely important to me, of course it would be wrong.

My first birthday announcement in the paper was wrong. I think my high school graduation announcement was wrong too. I didn’t even bother with announcing my wedding because they would have most likely printed that wrong too.

I’m not an author. I’m a writter by no means, that’s my husband. It’s called BOOKBINDING and apparently no one has ever heard of it.

I was really looking forward to having my name in the paper. I was even considering having it framed or something.

I’ve been in tears all morning. I called one of the main organizers of the festival to let her know about the error. I’ve known this lady all my life and from what I could tell she couldn’t have cared less. She even told me that the information she was given was incorrect when she got it. This was given to her by someone who I know knows 100% that I’m a bookbinder and my name is not Kathy.

I’m just so dissappointed… and angry.

EDIT: I contacted the town website moderator and they edited their website. One down, 56 more to go.

: My hubby keeps asking me “So Kathy, when are you going to write a book about me?”

: The organizer lady brought last week’s Free Press to me today and it had the correct information in it. It made me happy to see it and that she brought me a copy. So it seems that some of the media sources got the correct information and some didn’t.


6 thoughts on “My Big Break…. err… broken heart.

  1. Oh no, that is a disaster – poor you. I hate people getting my name wrong too. Diane is more often than not spelled Dianne and Aldred usually ends up as Alfred, and on occasion reversed to make me that chap, Alfred Dianne – sheesh!

    57 mistakes are going to be hard to rectify before, but I’m sure you will dazzle them with your work and then the reports AFTER the events will have your right name hopefully…..

  2. Hi Cassie

    My name is Kerry, and you would be amazed how often that is also spelt incorrectly. I hate it when people pronounce my name incorrectly too, and here in South Africa where we have 11 official languages, it gets pronounced differently by many people as there are so many accents. I also hate it when someone tries to shorten my name and call me ‘Kez’. I hate that the most.

    I always try my best to spell and pronounce a persons name correctly.

    Best of Luck


  3. Hope there were more right than wrong! Was the festival this past weekend? I was right in front of the bank building with Chestnut Creek School of the Arts!

  4. The festival is this week. I’ll be set up on Friday and helping with other events through out the week. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one big hic-up isn’t the start of something horrible.

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