Welcome To Summer

I’ve had a very busy week. Wednesday, I helped with a community sculpture project that was made by Bryant Holsenbeck. She is an awesome environmental artist and a fellow bookbinder. I also got to see some very lovely quilts by local quilters that was in the same space as the community sculpture. I also stopped by to see the RHS Art Club’s exhibit and spent some time with my former teachers from college as I checked out the newest mural. I’m planning to work on the mural some next week.

Thursday, I checked back at the sculpture project and snapped some photos.

Community Sculpture Project

Today, I was set up at my local bank as part of the festival. Since this is the first year and the paper got most of the information wrong it was very slow all day. Fifteen people total stopped at my table, 4 were the ladies who work at the bank, 1 was my mom, 1 was a guy from the news paper, and 1 was the festival coordinator. In fact only 2 people (who came in together) were there because they saw it in the paper. Thank goodness for those two ladies or I would have been very sad about the whole day. They came in as I was packing up to leave and both bought something. Hurray!! It made my day! I then took my stock back to the Appalachian Arts Center and hung out with some of my fellow artisans.

Festival Table

Tomorrow, I’m helping with the Appalachian Arts Center concession stand at the festival. I’m tired, but it’s a good kind of tired.


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