Toile Book

Recently, I made a custom book for a fellow Etsyian that needed a guest book for her upcoming wedding.  She sent me the paper she wanted for the cover and I worked my magic into this gorgeous book.  I honestly think this may be one of my favorite blank books I’ve made.

Custom Book Mosaic

I attended the Etsy Lab’s How-To on fusing plastic bags. After toying around with fusing, I used one of my fused plastic sheets to create this journal. Expect to see this one (and more) to be showing up in my shop.

Fused Plastic Journal

I have a bunch more books made and in the process of finishing but the weather hasn’t been cooperating with me so I can take photos & get them listed. I’m participating in a Christmas in July sale and want to have my shop fully stocked before the 26th (the day of the sale).


2 thoughts on “Toile Book

  1. Toile book is beautifully done and I see you attach the covers the same way I do. That’s the way I was taught over 20 years ago but I don’t often see it done. I’m convinced it makes for a sturdier binding and it looks great!

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