Excellent Vintage Finds

I stopped by a yard sale today near my house.  This was the most awesome yard sale ever.  I don’t think a single thing at the yard sale was bought within the past 20 or more years.  I got some really excellent vintage & handmade finds.

This purse is so cool.  I can tell it was well used because there are pen marks on the inside of the leather flap.  It needs to air out some but I will be carrying this soon.

vintage purse

I also found this wallet, which needs to be cleaned well, but is otherwise in great condition and super cute.

vintage wallet

I think this may be my favorite find.  It’s a coin purse type thing with a mirror inside.

vintage coin purse

I found a bunch of scarves but I resisted and only bought 4.

yard sale find scarvesyard sale find scarfyard sale find scarf

There is a vintage tea tin at my office very similar to this one.  I could not pass this one up for a quarter.

vintage tea tin

This is a set of 4 curtains that are hand made.  I love this vintage fabric.  I’m thinking of hanging them in my studio.

Vintage Handmade Curtains

I love aprons and I couldn’t pass up these super adorable vintage & handmade aprons.  One is super frilly and I think it has never been worn.  Two of them are cobbler or smock style aprons.  They fit me perfectly.

Animal Print Cobbler Apron

Handmade vintage cobbler apron

vintage apron

Handmade vintage apron

Handmade vintage apron

Zoe was being feisty the whole time I was taking photos.  He kept sweeping his tail into the shot and knocking things around.


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