It rained on my parade.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not going to do anymore craft festivals *unless the opportunity to be at the Highlands Festival happens*.  I’ve attended 3 “fairs” this year.  The first was a poorly advertised gig with artists set up at local banks.  I made 2 sales at the very end of the day as I was packing up for a total of $24.  The second was a county fair that I attended for a Friday evening and all day Saturday.  I made a whopping $1.70 and what I sold wasn’t even being displayed on the table.

That brings us to today.  My first official craft festival, where you have to be an artisan (no mass-produced stuff) to be in the festival.  People come from all over to attend this festival.  To cut my costs, I shared a booth space with my dear friend Mary.  I made $32.  My entry fee was $30 so therefore I made $2.00.  Most of what I sold was bubble magnets that I can make 10 seconds.  I did sell one book and one crochet toy.  Other than that, no one was interested in my books or knits.  It rained all day and was cold for most of it.  Even through all of this, I had a wonderful time while I was there and enjoyed my company and new people that I met.

Another rain on my parade moment was when I discovered that either I was much larger in June than I am now (and I wasn’t) or I just completely mis-measured (remember kids, measure twice, cut knit once) when I started my February Lady Sweater.  I’ve completed the body and tried it on…. and It’s 2-3 sizes too big.  I made a large when I could have gone with a small or possibly x-small.  I’m going to finish the sleeves and just go with it.  I’ll wear it around the office when I’m cold.

I’m bummed today.  But on an excellent note, I got my copy of the new Ani Difranco CD Red Letter Year yesterday and it is wonderful.


One thought on “It rained on my parade.

  1. don’t get discouraged by the shows. not all of them are like that.

    and some times, even the bad ones end up being good because people will find you online. or come back because they decided it’s time to buy a few gifts.

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