Sick Day

Well, my day spent in the cold rain at the BGF has resulted in a case of bronchitis.  I’m home for the day and thought I would give you a peek of what I’ve been up to this week.  Since I haven’t felt like doing much I’ve been doing things that don’t require much counting or concentration.  I spun up these two little mini skeinlettes.

Crest mini skeinlette

Baby Cakes
Baby Cakes mini skeinlette

And of course, Snuggies, one of my Crafty Kittens had to lend a paw to help.
Snuggies helping again

I also knit up this cowl for a shop sample for A Likely Yarn using the most yummy buttery soft yarn ever. Yum, Malabrigo. I’m so spoiled now. Overlook my sickyness please.

Malabrigo Cowl

The whole time I was trying to take that photo, Zoe, one of my other crafty kittens wanted some attention.

Me & Zoe


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