Sun Up!

This book was what my kindergarten class read. I’ve finally found a copy of it! I love Buffy & Mack!!

2/365 Sun Up

Here’s a couple of photos of my birthday pressies.

Beautiful roses from my hubby:

Roses from my hubby

Fibery goodness from my mom:

Fibery Goodness from mom

And snow from the heavens above, LOL:

Super snowy day 11-21-08

Ok, so the snow wasn’t actually a gift for me but I did wish for it earlier in the week.


9 thoughts on “Sun Up!

  1. Hello!
    Would you mind emailing me a photo of the front cover of the book “Sun Up” and any helpful information in purchasing my own copy?

    My husband remembers very little about his childhood, but would
    sometimes mention a book about Buffy and Mack… I’m so thankful I found your post!! I have some answers!!
    I would love to get hiim a copy for his birthday (July), so I have plenty of time.

    Thanks so much for your help,

  2. I googled “Buffy & Mack – Sun Up” and found this page. My daughter is a beginning reader and I kept thinking about this book from Kindergarten. I loved this text book! has a bunch of copies cheap.

    ISBN #: 0153317779

    Good luck!!

  3. i would not have supposed this was excellent two or three years ago however it is interesting precisely how age switches the means by which you perceive various concepts, thank you with regard to the article it is really relaxing to look over some thing clever occasionally instead of the common nonsense mascarading as blogs and forums on the net, i’m going to enjoy a smattering of hands of zynga poker, cheers

  4. This was my kindergarten reading book as well, and thanks to your blog, I will be able to find this book, I remember so well. I can’t wait until I receive it so my daughter can read it to me.

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