I’ve been giddy all day

Why you ask?

This morning I received a call from my friend and former teacher inviting me on a trip to New York mid March. I’m so super happy! My husband has agreed to go with me and my boss was kind enough to give me the time off even though it is right in the middle of tax season. I haven’t been able to stop smiling all evening! I haven’t been to NYC in over 10 years. We’re taking a train up and back so it will be my first train trip. My hubby has never been to NYC so I’m excited that he’s going! We’ll be doing guided tours in the mornings but the evenings we’re free to roam the city. I’m hoping to stop by the Etsy headquarters, go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and eat at an excellent Italian restaurant. Any NYC natives or frequent visitors care to recommend an Italian restaurant?? Hubby wants to see Time Square and hit all the touristy places.

Tomorrow I’ll be spending the day in my pajamas with my family. We’re having a pajama themed Thanksgiving by the request of my 11 year old niece. I’m looking forward to good food & board games!  I made a Turtle Pumpkin Pie, Four Bean Casserole, 2 Cheese Balls, and stuffing.

Last Thursday, I started Project 365. Head on over to my Flickr to follow along with me.


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