I’ve Been A Bad Blogger

It has been 19 days since my last post and the frequency of post during the last part of 2008 was not much to shake a stick at. If you have looked at my shop lately you have probably noticed that there are not that many items available right now. So, where have I been? I’ve been here, but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog and when I’ve had time, I’m usually so tired that I just can’t seem to come up with much to write about.

What could be going on in my life that would make me become a sort of recluse? First, it was Christmas now it is tax season. Work is really demanding right now and it makes the rest of my life miserable. January is my most difficult month at work so I am anticipating the first week of February. I’m also working one day a week (mainly Saturday’s) at the yarn shop so I only have one day off a week and sometimes I work for 2 weeks straight with out a day off. I have also been having some health problems that are triggered by stress and cold weather and leave me crumpled into a non-functioning, balled-up, shell of a person. I feel like there is a snowball of problems where one problem triggers another problem that triggers yet another problem. Now, life in general is very stressful but it is only temporary and I will get through it.

So let us start anew. What am I working on right now? Yoga socks, a cable & lace patterned scarf, a cashmere scarf that I just cannot seem to find a pattern for, and I just finished a yoga mat bag last night. I have mostly been working on things that have very simple repeats such as the 2×1 rib of the yoga socks. The scarves are sort of on hold but I am going to work on them soon (whenever I can think clearly). I have another commission for a stocking but I am going to wait until February to work on it so, hopefully, I will have enough brainpower to work on it. I have been invited to be a part of an emerging artists show that will happen later this year and I have been working on pieces for that show too. I am also waiting until February to continue working on those pieces since I do not want to royally mess those up.

My studio is cold, very cold. My studio is a part of our house that does not have proper insulation because it was formerly a porch that was closed in converted into a dining room. Therefore, I have not been making books. If we have an early spring, I am hoping to be back in my studio by late February but the way that the weather has been so far this winter; I probably will not be back in the studio until March. I have a ton of ideas floating around in my head so look for some really awesome items to be showing up in my shop (hopefully) this Spring.

So, where do I go from here? I’m not promising that I’m going to blog everyday but I’m going to try to do better. If you just really need your Crafty Kitten/Paper Kitty fix you can check out my Flicker that I have been pretty good about updating daily with my Project 365 photos and I am often hanging out on Twitter in the evenings.


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