Friday FO’s

Today is another start to what I hope will be a weekly Friday post for my Finished Projects.

I finished the Absinthe socks! They are gorgeous. They turned out a little bit baggy in the heel but that would be completely my fault because I didn’t do a gauge swatch before I knit them. I need to listen to myself sometimes! I’m still very happy with the socks.

I’ll post a photo of them soon, I had a date with a carpet shampooer this evening. LOL.

I made this recently but I am not happy with it. It is the Swirly Bib from the current issue of Crochet Today. The pattern is adorable but I just can’t get it to lay flat. I’ve actually made the thing about three times because I would pull out and change hook size. Even with the hook change the ripple didn’t change. I’ve been so annoyed by it that I didn’t even weave in the ends. I’m thinking about blocking it but it is cotton and as soon as it is washed the first time, it is going to ripple worse because it will shrink some.

Swirly Bib


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