I save slow things.

Here is a little tidbit of info about me that you probably didn’t know. I am known to save slow creatures. I’ve been saving turtles on roadways since my mid-teens and I’ve been saving snails since god only knows when. I don’t know if I help them get where they are going any faster, but I at least get them off of sidewalks and out of the road where they could be very seriously hurt or killed. I saved a turtle this morning and thought I would share with you about my secret identity as a Turtle/Snail Superhero.



One thought on “I save slow things.

  1. I’m with you on the turtle thing for years…especially when I used to see the box turtles–even on a major highway.

    We were traveling down the back roads the other day–and my dd and I got out and then I realized as the turtle turned around to get a good look at us that it was a snapping turtle. We looked and tried to encourage it to the side, but I’m not real sure how to move one of the big bad boys.

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