Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

So far this year, I’ve planted 4 tomatoes, 4 basil plants, onions, and chives. I also have the oregano that sprang back from last year. I still have a pumpkin, one tomato plant and several red pepper plants to go in the ground or pots.

Basil, Tomato & Pumpkin

I need to thin out my onions soon.

Onion Sprouts

I’ve purchased two hanging flower baskets but I’m not sure what they are; there weren’t any tags on them when I bought them.

Hanging Flowers

Hanging Flowers

My roses are beginning to bloom. The bush looks like it will be loaded with blooms.

Roses Starting To Bloom

The peonies around the backside of the house are starting to bloom too.

First Peony


2 thoughts on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. Your basil looks quite yummie. 🙂 Mine are still a bit small.

    (Found you by checking out all the garden posts here on wordrpess)

    Love your peonies! I’m trying to get my two plants that came from my Grandma’s in Nebraska (to Nevada) to bloom. Big sigh. Maybe next year.

  2. Go you!!!!

    I’ve been growing sunflowers and pansies at my Dads house. When we started looking at houses I was majorly looking forward to having a garden or at least somewhere to put some tubs. We went to the garden centre a few weeks ago and my Dad encouraged me to plant some seeds.

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