Friday’s FO’s

This week I’ve been working hard to finish projects that have been around for awhile. I’ve finally finished the feather & fan lace cashmere scarf that I started in January. It was a great travel project because it could fit in a small zip-lock bag and it was a simple four row repeat with only one row of lace work. I’ve worked on it in many waiting rooms.

Cashmere Scarf

I also finished the Handknit Heroes Issue #1 POW! Hooded Scarf that is a shop sample for A Likely Yarn. It’s a simple pattern that is fairly quick to knit. I’m hosting a knit along at the shop for this project. If anyone is in the Abingdon, Virginia area and wants to join in, we will be meeting Thursday June 11, June 25, and July 9 from 5:00-7:00. The first meeting is a meet, greet, & cast-on. The second is a sit, knit & chat. The third is the reveal. You can reveal your finished project, in progress project or your secret identity and bring your favorite snack to share. I’ll be starting the shop sample for the Handknit Heroes Issue #2 Net of Justice Bag soon and the KAL for that project will start in mid August.

POW! Hooded Scarf

POW! Hooded Scarf - hood

POW! Hooded Scarf - pocket

I received a commission in January from a family member of the person I made the stockings for last fall. They wanted one more for their family and I happily accepted. Unfortunately, tax season doesn’t really allow me to work on things like I want so I had to wait to start the project. I finished the stocking this week and I’m happy with how it turned out.

Commissioned Stocking

Commissioned Stocking

Commissioned Stocking - Sun

Commissioned Stocking Detail - Heart & Star

I’ve also started sewing together the books I’ve been working on. These are two that I completed yesterday and will be available in the shop soon.

This reminds me of a little boy’s bedroom curtains from the 1950’s or 1960’s.

Cowboy Book

Cowboy Book

Cowboy Book

This one is a simple green book. Green polka dots with green parchment type paper inside.

green polka dot book

green polka dot book

green polka dot book

One last bit of info, if you are in the Abingdon area this weekend, A Likely Yarn is having a Moving/Memorial Day sale Saturday, Sunday & Monday. The shop will be closed Tuesday-Sunday of next week during the move but will reopen on June 1st at the new Pecan St. location.


2 thoughts on “Friday’s FO’s

  1. The stocking look amazing! I attempted to continue our family tradition of handmade stockings when my last nephew was born but 6 years later and I have no idea where the WIP even is. I’m SO excited for the KAL. I plan on being there for the 1st and last meeting. The whole concept is such a great idea.

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