Friday FO’s

I don’t have any knitting or crochet finished projects this week but I definitely have some books! Eighteen completed books this week. It’s really nice to see all those books lined up. I’ve got a ton more to finish but I feel like I’ve gotten a good start.

Row of books

Some of the books in the photo above were not completed this week. It is my entire on hand stock.

Lots of Books

As soon as I have a non-rainy day I’ll take some photos and update the shop.


4 thoughts on “Friday FO’s

  1. Don’t the finished books look great lined up like that? I think you must be one of the most prolific artists around. Inspirational. I’m gearing myself up to organise my workroom, make some books and then, and only then, I’ll start blogging again. I’m hoping that will be in the next few weeks.

    • Wow! Thank you 😀

      Your books are beautiful as well. I haven’t tried the cross structure binding but I want to. I look forward to when you start blogging again.

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