Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

Nothing new was planted this week. I was super busy with making books and it rained most of the week. My first two tomato plants have started to bloom.

Tomato Bloom

The pumpkin is growing well.


I thinned out the onions but they are still not doing much but growing more sprouts.


Some of my peonies are looking quite beautiful……


…. and some are looking like this.

Poor Peony

The roses are still going strong though.


With all the rain we haven’t had a chance to mow the lawn so the buttercups at the back of the house are everwhere.

Buttercups behind my house


2 thoughts on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. You reminded me!!! I should have checked my Sunflowers while I was at my Mum’s earlier! I might have to check tomorrow and take photos lol.

    Less than 3 weeks till I have my own garden πŸ˜€ (At least for the time being lol)

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