A Likely Yarn’s New Location

If you are near Abingdon, Virginia you need to go visit A Likely Yarn. Yesterday, the shop reopened in a new, bigger, location at 213 Pecan Street. Turn at the traffic light at the Sinking Springs Presbyterian Church just down from the Barter Theater. It’s is between the Bike Shop and the parking lot for the Virginia Creeper Trail, if you cross the railroad tracks you’ve gone too far.

The shop has a large room and a smaller room that have many places to sit to knit and even a fireplace for the winter months. There’s a big front porch with room for chairs. There is so much new yarn and lots of new books too! There is a new section of needle felting supplies and *fingers crossed* there is the possibility that roving will be coming soon. Oh, and there is a coffee bar with a insta-hot tap for tea that is very hot. The behind the scenes stuff is awesome too. We finally have a real office, lots of storage and staff kitchen with a washer & dryer for felting. I’m such a lucky girl to have a job there I just wanted to pinch myself to make sure that it was for real on Saturday.

I have three photos that I snapped before I left Saturday evening but these just don’t do the shop justice. The photos are sort of dark because I was taking them just before I left when all the lights had been turned off. You need to see it up close and personal so get your shoes on, grab your needles and get in the car already!

Inside the new A Likely Yarn location

Inside the new A Likely Yarn location

Inside the new A Likely Yarn location

If you’re looking for another reason other than amazing yarn and super awesome staff to come by the shop… Come join us on June 13th for World Wide Knit In Public Day!


Visit the shop website for more details about classes & up-coming events: www.alikelyyarn.com


One thought on “A Likely Yarn’s New Location

  1. OMGoodness i so wanna come to Virginia just to go there! lol I’ll show this to my Mum see what she thinks – i think she’ll love it lol

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