Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

My pumpkin plant is huge! It is growing up my steps and onto my porch, which is what I wanted it to do. If it grows out onto the lawn it will be accidentally run over by the mower or block the sidewalk. It’s also started to bloom. I’ll be glad when the blooms are full because they are so pretty.

Pumpkin Plant
Pumpkin Bloom

I have tomatoes! I can’t wait until I can eat them 😀 I’m looking forward to a tomato, basil, & mozzarella salad.

First Tomato

My basil has blooms on it too.

Bloomin' Basil


2 thoughts on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. Your plants are large…mine are pathetic still. Is there such thing as too much water and not enough sun?!

    I’ve got basil ready to be planted but for lack of hole-digging hubs and lots of rain…they aren’t out there yet. I usually have basil till October–are you letting yours seed?

    • I suppose I will be letting them seed, but it’s not intentional. I usually can’t clip & eat mine fast enough to keep growth down and I bought a tray of four this year instead of my usual single plant so it’s more basil than I need, LOL. I’ll probably end up drying a large portion of it.

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