WIP Wednesday

After my busy week & weekend, I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things. This week I’m working on more and more books. I’ve spent the past three evenings in the studio but I swear it just feels like I’m just treading water instead of getting anywhere. I did get some of my book boards cut, which has left me sore all over. I don’t have a flat surface large enough to work with the full size boards except the floor. I wish I had the house space and money to buy a board shear but alas, I do not. I have cloth covered hardback covers waiting to join their text blocks, sets of book board & text blocks waiting for the book board to receive covers, text blocks & covers waiting to be bound, and text blocks in waiting for anything. I also have needle books still waiting to be bound.

Cloth Hard Covers
Bookboards & text blocks waiting for Covers
Text Blocks
Waiting to be bound

I’m working on a few projects for A Likely Yarn that are shop samples of classes I’ll be teaching later this year. One is a hat from a Fiber Trends pattern made in Encore, one is a small crochet purse made in Classic Elite’s Soft Linen (which I love), and one (my fave) is a amigurumi Elephant. I’m almost finished with the Net of Justice bag but I don’t have a photo of it.

Crochet Bag WIP
Elephant WIP

I’m (still) working on a couple of personal projects. The Siren Shawl, which I’m half way done with, and the Trekking XXL socks, that I’ll be finished with as soon as I run out of yarn.

Shawl progress
Socks progress


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. Cutting board on the floor is really hard work and something I haven’t yet solved. A board cutter would be great but takes up such a lot of room that I certainly can’t have one, even if the cost wasn’t prohibitive. My guillotine that I use for light board got broken in my house move and I’m still mulling over what to do about that.
    I’m very impressed with your output and that you do such a lot of other beautiful and crafty things.

    • The yarn is Trekking XXL but I don’t remember the colorway for it. The pattern was one that I improvised to fit my leg perfectly as a pair of knee highs.

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