WIP Wednesday… on Thursday

Life got in the way of my blog post yesterday so this week’s WIP Wednesday is happening on Thursday. Life has been getting in my way all week. Sunday I was so exhausted that I didn’t get out or my pajamas or my recliner all day. I guess the alpaca excitement was too much for me, hehe. Several evenings this week I’ve attempted to get some things done in the studio but either I’m just not feeling it or my leg/foot is giving me so much trouble that I have to quit. But, any progress is progress. I have gotten small things done this week and they are all things that would still be left to do if I hadn’t tried at all.

The buttony cardi is coming along nicely but I’m so afraid that I’m going to run out of yarn. I’m going to stop at the end of this ball, knit the sleeves and then continue with what is left and pray that I don’t end up with some awkward length. I suppose I could rip out to just below the bust line and have a cropped sweater, but I probably wouldn’t wear it that way.

Buttony Cardi In Progress

Here’s the stack of books that have been haunting me all week. I did mark and score the spines & covers this week but that’s about it. I’m planning on tackling them today & who knows, a couple of them may end up on my Friday FO’s post. *fingers crossed*

15 books in progress

This, is a skirt. It may not look like it but it is. I’m fighting with this project because I know that once I get several inches done it will go smooth and be an easy repeat pattern. It’s just that I’ve had to cast on twice… all 500 stitches… twice… gah. And I’ve knit the first two rows twice… it was horrible to rip out those 1500 stitches but it had a twist and stitches that looked weird. I kept throwing it in my bag because I was on the go while casting on and doing the first row. Not a good idea when there are that many stitches involved. Anyway, I’m now on row three and starting the set up row. I may end up putting this aside until after the festival so I can focus on getting books done.

Skirt In Progress


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