Friday Fo’s

Hurray! I actually have finished projects! I managed to finish seven books yesterday. I also had an extremely productive evening in the studio. Annnnd, I picked up some new cover papers that I’m so excited about! I’ll post about those next Wednesday because I already have some things in progress.

Seven Finished Books

The Crafty Kitten studio has slowly become The Crafty Puppy studio. Raisin has begun taking up residence with her little bed during my studio time. She will pout at me until I bring her bed in for her to sleep on.

The Crafty Puppy?

Snuggies disrupted her nap time.

Snuggies disrupting nap time

Kitty feeding time and she didn’t get any noms!

Oh, no!  Kitties are eating foodz and I has none!

BTW, Today is the three year anniversary of my Etsy shop. Sorry it’s really empty right now but soon enough it will be stocked full of goodies.


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