Monday How Does Your Garden Grow?

The pumpkin plant has grown beyond the front door. I very curious to see just how far it plans to grow. There are so many blooms on it too.

My creation

The three tomatoes that were growing on the porch have been moved. They looked so sad and were not growing like the other two. I’ve moved them to the corner of the driveway so they can get much more sunlight.

Sad Tomatoes

The other two tomatoes are so loaded down that the plants have collapsed the tomato cages.

Heavy Tomaotes

The way they both fell actually helped the oregano plant in the middle of them.

Oregano blooms & green tomatoes

The other pumpkin and pepper plant seem to be getting along together very well. The pepper plant even has a bloom on it.

Pepper & Pumpkin

Pepper Bloom

The Hosta has bloomed as well. I really love the color of it’s blooms.

Hosta Blooms


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