Wednesday WIP

I had Monday off from work so I took advantage of a day in the studio.  I cut book board (ouch) and trimmed down paper.  Throughout the week I’ve been gluing covers and folding text blocks.  Here’s just a small sampling of what I’ve been working on.

7/8/09 Wednesday WIPs

I can’t even begin to tell you how many books are in progress at the moment but I do believe it is somewhere near the fifty mark. I’m also still knitting along on the Siren Shawl which is almost done 😀 I’m on the last ball! I’m still working on the Buttony Sweater but it’s kind of been on stand-by because I’ve been working on books so much, it’s no longer portable, and I just can’t bring myself to start the sleeves.

I’m getting ready to cast on for the Ishbel shawl. I’m going to make it in Malabrigo lace. yum. I attempted to start Cookie A’s Marlene socks from Knit.1 winter 2008 but I wasn’t getting gauge with the needles I was using and now I can’t find my size 0 circs. Oh well, at least I’ll have Ishbel.

EDIT: I found my size 0 circs but of all the needles I own, I can’t find a single size 6. Not in straights, dpns, or circs. I have lots of 5’s & 7’s but no 6’s. Weird. I’ll have to buy a set tomorrow.


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