Friday FO’s

I finally finished the Siren Shawl! I zipped straight through the last ball of Sea Song and finished it last night at the Handknit Heroes KAL at A Likely Yarn. I had already made the KAL project so I worked on the shawl.

Siren Shawl Finished

I finished only a few books this week but I have soooo many in the ready to be bound stage. *Fingers Crossed* I’ll have a huge lot of books to post next Friday.

Two finished books

These pamphlets are made from recycled packing material. I stamped them with various little words and phrases.

Upcycled Pamphlets

I’ve been asked before by several other bookbinders if I have a book press, which is a no, and then, well, what do you use. I have a Book, book press. It’s several huge Art History books and Masonite boards. Oh, and a big’ol can of pineapple juice.

Book, Book Press

I said in my last post that I thought I had about 50 books in progress. I counted and I was off a bit…. like thirty off. I have EIGHTY books in various stages. About half of them are ready to be bound or within a step or two of being ready to be bound. I’m almost out of supplies O.O I have one sheet of book board left and about thirty sheets of Mohawk superfine paper left. I have plenty of cover papers but not very much book cloth. I think once I get though the eighty in progress and add it to the two boxes of already completed ones that I’ll feel ready for the festival. I just hope I can get it all done in time.


4 thoughts on “Friday FO’s

  1. The shawl is beautiful! And eighty books – what a marathon effort. I hope you sell heaps at the festival. Now you’ll have the fun of buying up a whole lot more materials. I wish I was in the position of having used up all my paper. I love having the excuse to get more.

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