Monday How Does Your Garden Grow?

Ok, this pumpkin has become ridiculous. It grows 8-10 inches a day. It has almost grown the entire length of my porch and it doesn’t seem as if it is going to stop. There are lots of little tiny pumpkins growing on it. I just hope that it will produce something big enough to become Halloween decorations.

pumpkin across the porch

Pumpkin on the steps

tiny pumpkin

I have the Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde of tomato plants. One set of tomatoes has become such a beast that it didn’t pull the tomato cages out of the ground; they bent them! The other set is so pathetic looking that I don’t think they are going to produce anything. I’m attempting some home remedies for plant food. I’m not a coffee person anymore but I do have some tea packs around. I’m not putting it in all three. I’m just trying one for a couple of days to see what happens.

Beastly tomato plants

Sad tomatoes

My pepper plant is still healthy and the pepper plant that has been barely hanging on is still doing just that. It just will not give up. I’m not sure now if the volunteer plant is a pumpkin plant or not. The leaves are slightly different than the pumpkin on the porch and they should be the same since the seeds came from the same pumpkin plant from last year. I’ll be excited to see what it ends up being even if it is another pumpkin.

peppers and something.

Hmmm... not sure.

Pumpkin or no?


One thought on “Monday How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. I have photos of the things I have planted and that are growing in my garden but I keep forgetting to post them – not good! I will be back with photos soon!

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