Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

The pumpkin has officially grown off the end of the porch. Who knows what will happen now.

Ridiculous Pumpkin

Pumpkin #1

If it’s anything like my tomatoes, it will just topple over everything in it’s way and try to pull itself out of the ground by it’s own roots. I have no idea why the things in this flower box are growing to ridiculous sizes but they are quite amazing.

Cages are no match for these tomatoes

I hope this one will be ready to eat later this week.

Almost Ready To Eat

The sad tomatoes are still sad and pathetic. I’m going to just leave them where they are until they either finally die or maybe they’ll decide to grow.

Sad Tomatoes

The other pumpkin (I’m pretty certain now that it is a pumpkin) is growing nicely and so is the pepper plant. The other pepper plant is still hanging in there, though I don’t see how.

Pumpkin #2

Pepper Plant

Raisin decided it was playtime when I came back in from checking the plants. This was taken during a split second that she stood still. She loves to be chased.



One thought on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. lol. That is one HUGE pumpkin plant! I used to think they might be fun to grow, but I don’t know if I could handle a beast like that. Raisin is adorable! I have that never-sitting-still issue with one of my dogs as well. Then I feel guilty because I have so many pictures of the other one and just a bunch of white, furry blur to depict Riley.

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