Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

Tomatoes! Hurray! But I’m about to be overrun by them. I actually don’t have a photo of the first one because… um… I ate it. I made a super delicious tomato, basil, & mozzarella toasted sandwich for yesterday’s lunch and I had a tomato, basil & mozzarella salad for lunch today.

Yummy Tomatoes


More Tomatoes

The Sad tomatoes aren’t as sad but they are still pitiful. They are showing signs of hope though.

Sad tomatoes

The pumpkin has now reached the ground on the opposite side of the porch and has offshoots that are trying to take over the front of the porch.

Pumpkin on the run

Pumpkin that will take over the world

Pumpkin take over

The pepper is still going strong and the second pumpkin plant is growing very quickly. Very soon the giant pumpkin will reach the second pumpkin.


Pumpkin #2

The neighbor kitty came to visit with me while I was snapping photos.

Neighbor Kitty

My rose bush, that bloomed forever ago, has a random bloom. It’s small and pretty. This bush has been known to bloom twice in a year. I’m not sure what happens to cause it to bloom again two-three months later but it’s very nice.

Roses Blooming Again

I won’t be posting for awhile while I’m preparing for the festival, attending the festival, and then recovering from the festival. So, I leave you with Puppy Feet.

Puppy Feet


7 thoughts on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

  1. nice! I am jealous of your garden! My uncle needs to have his weed whacker revoked as he has now demolished all the iris plants, the sage, oregano and I am pretty sure a squash vine.

    • Oh no! I love irises. I’m loaded down with tomatoes, if you would like some I’ll bring them Sunday. (assuming that you’re coming to the shop for spinning 😀 )

  2. Hello~ ^_^ I told you I’d come check out your blog! *looks about curiously* Tis very cute wif much pictures! *likes it much*

    Aneewayz, hopefully I shall check back in soon, but now I’z going to go look at more posts & cool pictures!

    Bye nee~~!


  3. Kewl. I read the new post, twas very cool.

    …Too bad I didn’t have anything to barter, otherwise I could have perhaps gotten my hands on that pretty white and purple flowery one….*sigh*

    Newayz, I hope you have a great end to your summer… *oh the horrors, I remain in denial until the very last moment*

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