Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

Between all the rain & the time I wasn’t able to attend to my plants, they seem to have grown by leaps and bounds. The pumpkin plant has finally grown to the point that it has merged with the second pumpkin plant and now you can’t tell where one plant ends and the other begins. I have no idea how my hubby is going to be able to mow the yard now.

Pumpkins galore

Pumpkin Plants Everywhere!

Pumpkin plant #1 (I’ll probably start referring to as Brain) has finally produced a sizable pumpkin that has lived for longer than a few days and gotten larger than about an inch. This little guy is about the size of a soft ball. From what I can tell Pumpkin plant #2 (Pinky) has only bloomed and hasn’t started a pumpkin just yet.

Two Pumpkin Plants Merge

First Real Pumpkin

Despite the pumpkin plant take over, the pepper plant is still going strong.

Pepper plant is hanging in there

I am overloaded with tomatoes. I picked so many the day after the festival that I just don’t know what I’m going to do with them and there’s still so many left on the vine! The photo only shows part of them. There are more in a basket, some in the fridge, and a couple on the porch.

This is just part of what I've picked

Tomatoes on the vine

More tomatoes on the vine (almost ripe)

The volunteer tomato that sprang up in the corner of the flower box has started to bloom. Once I saw how large the first tomato plants grew I didn’t think this one would live but I guess it has plenty of sun now that the plant in front of it has toppled itself over.

Volunteer Tomato In Bloom

The sad pitiful tomatoes in the pots have finally found happiness. All three look green and have new growth along with blooms.

Sad Tomatoes Are Finally Happy

Finally, the oregano. It looks so pretty right now and it has grown much larger than it did last year.

Oregano Blooms


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