Wednesday WIP’s

While organizing the loose patterns at the shop Sunday, I came across the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pattern. Though I’ve seen this pattern many times, it suddenly hit me that I NEEDED a pair of these. I picked out a happy pink wool yarn and headed home to get started. I made the first one (less the outter sole) in about three hours. I completely knit up the second one Monday and finished the outter sole of the first one last night. (I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that a finished project not a WIP?) I’m posting these as a WIP because I haven’t felted them yet. You’ll see the felted finished clogs on Friday. I think these things look so funny before they are felted. They look like clown shoes.

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pre-felting

Fiber Trends Felted Clogs pre-felting

I’m also working on a pair of simple toe-up socks because I needed a break from the brain drain of the pink lace socks I’ve been working on for weeks. They’re made from Pagewood Farms sock yarn that has a bit of cashmere in it. I always think of the insurance commercial anytime I hear anything about cashmere socks and usually end up saying “I like cashmere socks!” in the same manner as Flo. I’ll probably finish these up this evening and then cast on my new skein of Socks That Rock in Kroppi.

Crayon Cashmere Socks

I’m still working on the pink Hedera socks and the Big’o Braid scarf. I’ve put the Marlene socks on hold and will probably frog them so I can use the needles for something else. I’m also getting ready to make a few things for the shop; a felted christmas stocking, a toy elephant, and an Owls cable afghan square for the block of the month club.

Last night I organized and prioritized my WIP stack & some of my stash. I hope to finish going though my stash tonight. I divided my WIP’s into two bags; one for personal projects and one for shop projects. Some of my WIP’s moved into my studio storage unit because they’ve been on hold for a very long time and I don’t see myself knitting them anytime soon but they are nice patterns and I don’t want to frog them. My goal is to get the shop projects finished up in the next week or so and then slowly work on getting my personal WIP’s finished up.

I was given enough yarn (by a really awesome friend) to make the Corona sweater which I plan to cast on soon. I also really want to make the Sylvi Sweater from Twist Collective and I’ve already picked out my yarn for it, though I haven’t bought it yet. I’m not casting on for either of these until I’ve finished up some things; I probably won’t even order the yarn for Sylvi for awhile either.

I’ve some how accumulated a bunch of acrylic again. I swear I didn’t buy it but it’s some how lurking in my stash bins. I’m planning on turning it in at the next yarn amnesty day at the shop for store credit so I can replace it something awesome. I thought about keeping it and crocheting a bunch of baby blankets to donate somewhere but I don’t think I’ll have the time to do that. At least I know that it will be eventually made into some type of charity project when I turn it in on yarn amnesty day.


3 thoughts on “Wednesday WIP’s

  1. I love that clog pattern. I have made more of them than I can count. All five of us have them to wear in the house. The children’s sizes turn out sooooo cute!

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