Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

The pumpkins are huge! The one from “The Brain” is starting to turn orange at the top. Pinky’s pumpkin is completely hidden by leaves and I had to hunt for it to take the pic.

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

The rose bush has another random bloom on it.

Random Rose Bloom

And the peppers are getting bigger. I can’t wait to eat them!


The tomatoes are being taken over by tall grass but I do still have plenty on the vines. I pick them when they start to turn. The sad tomatoes still have small knobby tomatoes on them but they are slowly getting bigger. The volunteer tomato has a couple of tomatoes but they are also pretty small. If it is the same tomatoes that I had last year they will get pretty large before they will be ready to pick.


3 thoughts on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

    • It is from the ones you gave me. It was the only one that made it… well there is another one just barely hanging on but I don’t expect it to produce anything.

      • Well, mom’s have done the best….I have about 8 peppers larger than a baseball and another half dozen bout the size of a shooter marble. I hope mine go red before frost….Mom’s have already produced half a dozen red ones….

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