Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

Pumpkin Peeking from Behind The Leaves

Pinky & The Brain are doing well. I’ve been asked by several people just how big the pumpkins are so I’m showing them in comparison to my hand. They are a lovely jack-o-lantern size. The Brain’s pumpkin is already orange and Pinky’s is in the beginning stages.

The Brain's Pumpkin & My Hand

Pinky's Pumpkin & My Hand

Raisin came out with me to take the photos so I snapped some shots of her playing in the leaves. I also took two videos. One of her playing in the leaves and the other of her first reaction to Pinky’s pumpkin. Last year, every time I took her out by the pumpkin she would jump and act scared worse than what this video shows. It’s silly how she is scared of something that can’t move but she’s fine to play in the leaves that move in the wind.

Raisin Playing in the Leaves

The Peppers are growing slowly but steadily.


As for the rest of the plants, The basil has mostly died, the two hanging plants have died, the chives are hanging in there, the oregano is doing great, the volunteer tomato is still blooming, the three sad tomatoes are still sad but do have knotty little tomatoes on them now, and I’ve given the hubby permission to mow over what is left of the monster tomato plants. The slugs and grass have taken over them and they are being eaten by bugs before they are ready to pick. Mostly all that is left on the vines are small walnut sized tomatoes anyway.


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