Open Studio Tour – Studios Magazine


Studios Magazine has put a call out for artists willing to do a virtual tour of their studios on October 3rd. Since I’ve just joined a local tourism route for artists’ studios, I thought I would join in with the virtual tour too. Saturday I’ll be posting photos of my humble little studio so be sure to check it out along with all the other artists participating.

For more info, go to the In the Studio with Cate blog. There you can find more info about the Studios Magazine virtual tour, who’s participating, and how you can join in too. Also check out Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine Fall 2009 which is available in the Interweave Store.



I went to BookOpolis at Asheville Bookworks today. It was awesome to be in a room filled with wonderful people and beautiful books. I got a chance to screen print and print on a letterpress machine.

I also had two books in the show. The Red Needle Case and the Cell Diagram Science Book.

BookOpolis Show

Eco Books Inventive Project from the Recycling Bin

Eco Books Inventive Project from the Recycling Bin by Terry Taylor Amazon Link

Eco Books Cover with the book jar

I’m so excited, I just can’t stop squeeing. My wonderful UPS man dropped off a box of these books for me just 15 minutes ago. I immediately cracked one open and found my project. I’m on page 48 & 49 with a bio in the back.

Page 48 - *squee*

There’s a back story about my Book Jar that I feel I should share. My grandfather, aka my hero, passed away in September of 2007. This project was part of my healing process after his passing. I used to visit my grandparent’s house after school when I was a kid. When I would come in he would ask me what I learned for the day. Whatever my reply, his was always the same, “Learn all you can and can all you learn.” There were many tears shed during the months of creating all those tiny books while thinking back on my precious time with him. I’m so proud of my tribute to him.

project page with book jar

Friday FO’s…. well not really

Ok, I’ve had a really busy week. I skipped the Wednesday WIP’s post because I didn’t have a single thing in progress. Now, it is time for Friday’s FO’s and since I didn’t start anything until yesterday, I don’t have anything finished…. Sooo… instead here’s a list of things I plan to make in the near future.

A sewn skirt with a made up pattern
The Sylvi coat from Twist Collective
Hat-Heel Socks from Knitty Fall 09
The Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2009
The Corona Sweater
Clandestine socks from Knitty Fall 09
And a bunch more socks.


Well, I made a skirt tonight….. a really ugly skirt… but a skirt nonetheless. It isn’t the pattern’s fault; it’s the fabric’s fault. I went to walmart where I didn’t have much of a choice of knit fabrics. The only suitable one for the pattern (of the 5 knit fabrics I had to choose from) was the bright hot pink polyester. If feels icky… and the photo can’t quite capture the make-your-eyeballs-bleed pink. I bought it to practice sewing on knit fabric. I have a skirt that I love but I want it in different colors so I wanted to learn to sew knit fabric. It’s not a scary as I thought it would be. I can see how the ones that want to curl badly would be difficult but this fabric didn’t curl much. I’ll be hitting up a decent fabric store soon to find some good fabric.

Good Pattern but horrible fabric

Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow? On Tuesday….

I took the day off for Labor Day so my garden update was pushed back until today.

We have more pumpkins!!! Two more pumpkins have been discovered. One is hiding around the corner of the house behind the rose bush and the other was right out in front but hiding under leaves until the hubby almost took it out with the mower. The other two pumpkins are doing great and getting a little bit bigger each day.

Pumpkin #4

Pumpkin #3

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

The peppers are getting bigger and I can’t wait for them to turn red!


The volunteer tomato has decided to sprout some little bud tomatoes.

Itty Bitty Tomatoes

I found some pretty weeds out back.

Pretty Weeds

Even though it was overcast today, it was still a lovely day.

Cloudy September Sky

Friday FO’s

I’ve been on a mission this week to get lingering projects finished and off my needles (or hooks). I finished this kid’s vest that is a shop sample for the shop; made in Malabrigo.

Kids Vest

Kid's Vest

It was knit in two pieces that I then Kitchener stitched and mattress stitched together. This was my first time with the mattress stitch but it was so worth the work and time.

Mattress Stitch

I finally finished the Hedera Socks. They are so pretty!!

Hedera Socks Finished

I also finished the fingerless mitts that I made to match the crochet bobble beret.

Finished Mitts

The final thing that I finished was Wesley the Elephant from Cute Little Animals. It is another shop sample and I’ll also be teaching a class on how to make him later this month.

Wesley The Elephant