Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow? On Tuesday….

I took the day off for Labor Day so my garden update was pushed back until today.

We have more pumpkins!!! Two more pumpkins have been discovered. One is hiding around the corner of the house behind the rose bush and the other was right out in front but hiding under leaves until the hubby almost took it out with the mower. The other two pumpkins are doing great and getting a little bit bigger each day.

Pumpkin #4

Pumpkin #3

Pumpkin #1

Pumpkin #2

The peppers are getting bigger and I can’t wait for them to turn red!


The volunteer tomato has decided to sprout some little bud tomatoes.

Itty Bitty Tomatoes

I found some pretty weeds out back.

Pretty Weeds

Even though it was overcast today, it was still a lovely day.

Cloudy September Sky


One thought on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow? On Tuesday….

  1. You are the pumpkin queen lol. My sunflower is still going but I think it may have missed it’s chance 😦 at this rate I could be trying to re-pot it to move house – I don’t really want to leave in case the next tenant doesnt take care of it.

    I need to go out and do some stuff in the garden as the weeds are taking over again lol.

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