Friday FO’s…. well not really

Ok, I’ve had a really busy week. I skipped the Wednesday WIP’s post because I didn’t have a single thing in progress. Now, it is time for Friday’s FO’s and since I didn’t start anything until yesterday, I don’t have anything finished…. Sooo… instead here’s a list of things I plan to make in the near future.

A sewn skirt with a made up pattern
The Sylvi coat from Twist Collective
Hat-Heel Socks from Knitty Fall 09
The Whisper Cardigan from Interweave Knits Spring 2009
The Corona Sweater
Clandestine socks from Knitty Fall 09
And a bunch more socks.


Well, I made a skirt tonight….. a really ugly skirt… but a skirt nonetheless. It isn’t the pattern’s fault; it’s the fabric’s fault. I went to walmart where I didn’t have much of a choice of knit fabrics. The only suitable one for the pattern (of the 5 knit fabrics I had to choose from) was the bright hot pink polyester. If feels icky… and the photo can’t quite capture the make-your-eyeballs-bleed pink. I bought it to practice sewing on knit fabric. I have a skirt that I love but I want it in different colors so I wanted to learn to sew knit fabric. It’s not a scary as I thought it would be. I can see how the ones that want to curl badly would be difficult but this fabric didn’t curl much. I’ll be hitting up a decent fabric store soon to find some good fabric.

Good Pattern but horrible fabric


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