Friday FO’s

Monday night I finished the Blackrose socks from Winter 2008. Made with Malabrigo Sock in Velvet Grapes.

Blackrose Socks

Last night, during the time between work and waiting for the new CSI, I made this little cute lunch sack. At the moment it’s all packed up with my lunch for BookOpolis tomorrow at Bookworks in Asheville, NC.

New Lunch Sack


3 thoughts on “Friday FO’s

  1. Nice job on both projects! I LOVE how your socks turned out. My velvet grape socks seems to be pooling color..hmm. Hope to see you soon!

  2. I love both projects they are cool 😀 I like the lunch bag – I got bought a lunch bag for my birthday because I was trying to be good and take my own lunch to work but I’m lazy and still buy sandwiches from the canteen. Not Good lol

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