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Cloth Paper Scissors Studios Magazine Open Studio Virtual Tour

My studio is what is formerly known as a dinning room. It’s actually an addition that was built onto our house long before we ever moved in. Originally it was a porch that was closed in and another porch built on that was then closed in to make the closet. This means that in the winter it is very cold in the room. I have a large double door cabinet that I keep most of my supplies in (along with some kitchen equipment). I also have an awesome easel that doubles as a drafting table, a few small bookshelves under a built in counter top, and a large wooden box where I keep my yarn and fabric.

New Book Shelf

This is my main worktable. It was given to me by two very dear friends when they were moving into a new home and no longer wanted this table. The glass top makes a perfect work surface since I can clean anything off of it easily.

Work Table

Here, I’m making book cloth, which has to be pasted down to a glass surface to dry. I used the top and bottom of the glass. When I removed the book cloth, it was super easy to clean.

Making Bookcloth

My bookshelf makes my life easier. I needed one for along time and finally bought one this summer.  On top, I keep my ribbons and post card collection.   The top shelf is where I keep my inspiration and favorite things.  Next shelf down is things in progress, then a shelf of buttons and easy to reach towels.  The next to last shelf is my knitting books and art books.  On the bottom I keep my dye pot and my hand spun yarns.

Book Shelf

Shelf of my favorite things:
A Few Of My Favorite Things

In Progress Shelf:
In progress books & scraps box

I like to work assembly line style when I’m producing blank journals.

Breaking down paper for text blocks:
Paper & Bone Folders

Text Blocks:
Text Blocks

Covers In Progress:
Covers In Progress

Books waiting to be bound:
15 books in progress

All bound up:
30 of 34 books bound this week

I don’t own a book press so I have a makeshift one. I have lots of heavy books, Masonite boards, and a large can of pineapple juice.
Book, Book Press

This is a glimpse of my very large bookbinding tool box. This is just the top tray.
Bookbinding Tool Box

My studio extends outside this one room and on into the rest of the house when I need more space. I do most of my knitting, crocheting & spinning in the den so I can use my computer & watch TV. I use the living room as a sewing room since it has our dinning table in it. I use my kitchen to dye wool and make felt and my porch doubles as a drying rack on sunny warm days (on rainy days, the shower rod in the bathroom is used for drying).

Hand dyed wool drying

I have some furry help in all this mess too. Zoe, my black kitty, is the reason that my shop is called “The Crafty Kitten”. He loves to sit beside me no matter what I’m doing and just watch.
Zoe, my crafty kitty

Piggy usually sneaks in when I’m not looking to check my work.
"I'm helping, I promise"

Snuggies has been known to fall asleep on my feet if I stand in one place too long (usually when I’m breaking down paper for text blocks).

Then there is Raisin, who isn’t allowed in the studio alone because she will eat all the kitty’s food. She likes to sleep by my feet or in my lap too.
Raisin enjoying some time in my studio

I hope you’ve enjoyed the little virtual tour of my studio. Feel free to check out my online shop (which is a little empty at the moment) The Crafty Kitten.

Me working on a book


17 thoughts on “Virtual Studio Tour – Studios Magazine

  1. Your glass topped table is a real find! My work table is a plastic one with a ‘pebbly’ surface that refuses to give up any stains no matter how hard I scrub it. Love your studio ‘staff’ too!!

  2. I’m learning so much on this virtual studio tour – your book binding production is intriguing. I love the pineapple can! I use old cast-iron irons for weighting down ATCs while they dry.

  3. I love the line and clips! I have so little wall space, that may just be the ticket for hanging up some inspiration. Thanks for sharing your studio! If you have time, stop by my blog and visit my studio on the tour — and we’ll share a virtual cup of tea.

  4. Wow! Another book binder! I haven’t bound any books lately – mostly just doing journals for myself and occasionally a book to give away. I have a great (small) book press I found on Ebay that is actually a dried flower press. Used to be sold by Smith and Hawkins, but they don’t make them any more. I also got a slightly larger one – but can’t remember where. I love them. It makes a huge difference when you’re gluing covers.
    I love your studio and your studio company. I have my asthmatic, opinionated calico laying on the cat towel next to the sewing machine currently. The cats are just thrilled that I shoveled out the studio for the Open studio’s event. There’s no fear of a pile of stuff tumbling down on them now. 😉

  5. I LOVE to see that pile of finished books…I’ll bet you love to see a bunch all finished! Great use of the glass table too! And so nice to see your furry friends/helpers!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my studio – the shelves are from IKEA – they are so versatile.

    Your glass table is super. And I used the same press this summer when I made paper for the first time – only I didn’t add the can of pineapples – I’ll try that next time!

    Thanks for the tour!

  7. Your studio seems to be very functional for your art. I’m glad you shared some of your books ~ they are beautiful. Thanks for sharing your space with us.

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