Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

Aahhhhhh!! Attack of the Killer Tomatoes that just won’t die!! Ok, it isn’t that dramatic but the tomato plants that I had my husband mow down, came back, and started growing even more tomatoes. Technically, he only mowed over the parts that were haning out into the yard but it was the majority of the plant. Both tomato plants have sprung back and even though they gave me 50+ tomatoes between the two of them, they both have even more tomatoes growing; probably in the double digits too.

Tomatoes that won't die

The pumpkins are growing nicely. I’ll probably pick these in a week to two and carve them up for jack-o-lanterns. I hope the two green ones will have turned orange by then.

The Brain's Pumpkin

Pinky's Pumpkin

Pumpkin One

Pumpkin Two

Even though the weather is certainly fall weather, the bees are still hanging around. The oregano plant is still doing wonderfully too. I’ll be picking some to dry soon.

Oregano & the bee

Oh, the little pepper that could. If you’ve been following my How Does Your Garden Grow? posts you’ll remember that I’ve posted photos about the little pepper plant that just didn’t want to give up. For a long time, I was certain that it would die just like the other plants around it, especially after the pumpkin plant sprouted up. I’m happy to say that the little pepper that could, grew a pepper. It even has blooms on it still.

The Little Pepper That Could

The other pepper plant must be sprouting peppers of steel because every one that has grown, has broken it’s own limb off. I’m really hoping that this one will hang on long enough to start to turn. The last one that turned had a worm hole in it so I couldn’t eat it.

Big Pepper


One thought on “Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow?

  1. They are all so fab!! Well done – I love the big orange pumpkins – I might try Pumpkins next year – I did Tomatoes and sunflowers this year and loved them 🙂

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