I will be taking a break from blogging for awhile. My personal life has become a bit overwhelming recently and, as comedian Katt Williams put it, I’ve got to get in tune with my star player. I’m going to uphold the things I’ve signed on to do this month and the daily responsibilities that I have but I have to cut a few things out and turn some offers down. I tend to forget that I cannot be everything to everyone and the importance of the word No. I’m very burned out and exhausted physically, mentally, and spiritually. I need some time to recoup and regroup. I also need some time to focus on things I want to do creatively as opposed to the things I think I’m expected to do. I somehow got off track artistically and began producing for quantity as opposed to trying to express something. My brain has been churning out some excellent ideas lately but I need time to explore and plan. I hope resume posting in November and that I’ll be refreshed and back on track.

10/16 EDIT: I have decided to extend my blogging vacation through the beginning of December. If you should need to reach me, send me an email: paperkittyblog[at]gmail[dot]com


2 thoughts on “Rest

    • I really like this post, I can totally empathise with the way you feel. I am sure this will strike a chord with a lot of people. I admire your honesty. This is a gorgeous blog. Good luck.

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