O’ Christmas Tree, O’ Christmas Tree

I put our Christmas tree up this evening. I didn’t put many ornaments this year due to the for legged family members curiosity and chewing habits. My ornaments have to be fabric or some other material that wouldn’t hurt my pup if she were to chew it or break into a million sharp pieces when the kitties knock them off. All of my ornaments are hand made though. There are fabric bunny ornaments that a very sweet person gave me about six years ago, a felt hear that Beverly gave me, and four tiny books that I made. I’m hoping that I can come up with a few more handmade ornaments before Christmas, either ones made by me or others (others preferably because they are so much more special.)

Christmas Tree 2009


Handmade ornaments

My tree topper this year is a very well taken care of Heavenly Angel from the 60’s. I purchased it last year at a yard sale and it is in excellent condition and in the original box. I suspect that she was never taken out of the box.

Heavenly Angel Tree Topper

I also made a super tasty dinner tonight. Tilapia with asparagus and baby bellas. So veryyummy!

Yummy Dinner 12-09-09


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