Happy New Year & Decade!

Last year’s new year’s resolutions didn’t quite stick. This year I’m not giving myself such strict things to abide by. This year, I’m simply going to be better to myself by eating healthier, not taking on too many things at once, and reducing my stress. I want to simplify my life. I plan to get rid of many things that I no longer use that are accumulating in my house. I plan to unsubscribe from newsletters that I don’t read and not renew magazine subscriptions. I plan to set attainable goals for myself and not plan to do unrealistic things. Such as, The Crafty Kitten Studio is now closed until May 1, 2010 for two reasons. One, it’s very cold in my studio during the winter and Two, I shouldn’t plan to work on things during tax season because I’m usually too tired and overworked. During the next four months, I’ll still be knitting though.

I hope 2010 is a great year for everyone!

BTW, the Sylvi coat is almost done, one sleeve and the hood to go.


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