As I mentioned in my new year’s post, I’m planning to set short term & some long term goals for myself instead of resolutions. I want to lose weight. I put on ten pounds in two months last fall because of a problem with my meds and a far to busy schedule. I’m planning on losing much more than the ten I put on but to motivate myself, I’m giving myself rewards that will all go toward a much larger goal. For every ten pounds that I lose, I’m going to deposit a certain amount of money into a savings account. If I’m at my goal by the time the next Rockin’ Sock club opens up I’m going to sign up. I’m already 3 pounds away from my first goal. I’m also going to be a part of the Team L&V challenge to keep me motivated to exercise.

My long term knitting goals is to not buy any yarn until I knit my way through most of what I have horded up. I have two sweaters worth that are or were sweaters that I have already knit but didn’t work out. There to be unraveled and reknit with decent patterns and true swatches. I also have another sweater waiting in the wings that I plan to cast on as soon as I’m done with the Sylvi coat. I have about 7-10 skeins of sock yarn and at least 3 shawls worth of yarn to knit through as well. I have one exception to my no yarn rule though. I’ve planned a trip with a friend to a new yarn shop and I do plan to buy something while I’m there. It will most likely be sock yarn, but I think this shop may have roving as well, so I’ll have to decide once I get there which to buy.

My short term knitting goals are that this week I’m planning on finishing the Sylvi coat. I’m 1/3 through the hood and if I knit 1/3 tomorrow, 1/3 Wednesday, block on Thursday, that would leave me to knit the petals on Friday. I would really like to wear it to the lys staff winter dinner. I’m also almost done with a pair of socks. I finished one last week and I hope to have the second one done tomorrow during lunch and cast on for another pair. Next week I plan to finish spinning the Soot roving I bought on my birthday. I’ve spun about 2/3 of it and I’m planning to ply it. I’ll post photos as soon as I have a FO to show.


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