Saturday Podcast Review – Lime & Violet

Monday to Friday eight hours a day, I have an office job. I also have an hour-long drive to work on the weekends. That is a lot of silence to fill and I can only listen to music for so long before I get sick of the same songs over and over. Podcasts are an answered prayer. I’m reviewing some of my favorites to listen to so that others out there like me can check them out and maybe fall in love with them too. Most of the podcasts I listen to are knitting or craft related but not all of them. Some of them are well known and are listened to by thousands and others are just getting started or not as mainstream. Feel free to suggest other podcasts for me to check out and possibly review. Also, if you’re an avid podcast listener, please leave reviews on Itunes and let your favorites (or maybe not so favorites) know what you think.

This week’s podcast is Lime & Violet. L&V began in summer 2007 and, to date, there are 100 episodes. Shows usually run average of about an hour and a half. I began drinking the Kool Aid sometime mid 2008 and I have backed up and listened to every episode.

This ain’t your granny’s knitting podcast (unless of course your granny is a super awesome lady with a bit of a twisted sense of humor). Be prepared for funny life stories, squeeing over yarn porn, knitting, spinning, some crochet and lots and lots of laughter. This podcast is comparable to being at knit night with your girlfriends. After listening to a new show, your credit card will hate you and, if you have a significant other or family, you may need to find them a new place to live since your stash will likely take over your entire house.

There are a bunch of things that you can join from time to time such as KAL’s, stash knit downs, fitness challenges, and swaps. March 1st will kick off the Team L&V fitness challenge where the team will be virtually walking across America by tracking fitness activities on the Blue & You website. There are message boards for the L&V podcast that are awesome and are the central place for discussing all things L&V (Oak River Township, Recaffinated Bathworks, The Fates Three, Knit Life, Intention Yarns & The Mountain Sole Project). You can find the show notes and news on the site’s main blog.

I know this is a podcast is one that most knitters will know but if you haven’t heard of it before, please check it out. Here, have a nice glass of Kool Aid.


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