Saturday Podcast Review – Muststashyo!

Monday to Friday eight hours a day, I have an office job. I also have an hour-long drive to work on the weekends. That is a lot of silence to fill and I can only listen to music for so long before I get sick of the same songs over and over. Podcasts are an answered prayer. I’m reviewing some of my favorites to listen to so that others out there like me can check them out and maybe fall in love with them too. Most of the podcasts I listen to are knitting or craft related but not all of them. Some of them are well known and are listened to by thousands and others are just getting started or not as mainstream. Feel free to suggest other podcasts for me to check out and possibly review. Also, if you’re an avid podcast listener, please leave reviews on Itunes and let your favorites (or maybe not so favorites) know what you think.

This week’s podcast comes to us from our neighbors to the north, Muststashyo. Muststashyo began in Fall 2009 and to date there are 7 episodes. The shows on average are about an hour and a half. This podcast is hosted by Cindy & Mat. I found this podcast because of a Raverly swap. Cindy, aka Studioloo, sent me an excellent Monty Python themed package that included 100% bamboo sock yarn from the Muststashyo Etsy shop and a bunch of other super awesome items. I noticed on the business card that it listed a podcast among other things; I just had to check it out. I listened to all the episodes in two days.

The spinning sections of this podcast are freaking awesome. It isn’t the usual, “I’m spinning X and I like it”. They discuss techniques and creative paths to spinning. It totally made me want to spin even more and now I want to buy a spinning wheel more than ever. You should check out Cindy’s art yarns because they are fantastic. They also discuss knitting and it’s nice to have a guy’s perspective on both knitting and spinning. There are wonderful essays and a section on books. The sections on mustaches are terrific and are both entertaining and educational; I love the Mustache of the Day. The “consumer meltdown” section my make you fall down and spend all your lunch money.

Please check out this podcast because I love it and it is awesome. You can find the show notes here, Cindy’s site here, Mat’s site here, the Etsy shop here, and the Raverly group here. BTW, Cindy is the organizer for World Wide Spin In Public Day. The next WWSIP is September 18, 2010. She also runs the Yarn A Day and Spin In Public websites.


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