A friend let me borrow a Bento book and I have become obsessed with cute food. I don’t have most of the ingredients that the book calls for but I’m planning on making a trip to the Asian market soon. I’ve also bookmarked a bunch of Bento tools that I’m hoping to buy. Luckily they’re not very expensive.

Today, I’ve made a Bento style breakfast & lunch. I love how the meals are balanced and are nice little compact portions. I’ll be glad when I have a bento box and can start packing my lunch for the office.

Here are photos of today’s meals.

Breakfast 3-13-10

Star Pancakes with low sugar strawberry jam
Rolled Omelet with flower shaped Green pepper and red onion
Bunny Apples

Lunch 3-13-10

Udon noodles
Turkey & cheese rolls
Pickled olives
Kitty & Bunny Apples
2 Caramels

Bunny & Kitty Apples


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