Plans For the Future

Spring Fever. It struck with a vengeance this year. After three months of constant snow, I just couldn’t wait for the sunshine. It’s the main reason I’ve been slacking on blogging. I’ve been trying to get outside everyday and I haven’t really been knitting or crafting at all. I read Miss Violet’s blog, June Bug On A String, and recently she has begun the planning stages for her 10k Hours project. I’ve been so inspired by her posts and it kind of fell in line with what has been rattling around in my head so I’ve decided to join in.

My basic goal for the project is to do one creative thing a day. This could be a simple sketch or something that will take several hours to accomplish but the most important thing is that I will be DOING something. I’ve been known to go for weeks or months without making anything because I get busy and tell myself that I’ll have time tomorrow/this weekend/next month/when X is over. The truth is I know that even on the busiest day, I could carve out at least 15-30 minutes to do something, and that is just on the really busy days. I had already planned to reopen my studio on May 1 but I don’t really have any goals set in place. I have a few ideas scrawled in my ideas book but for now they are just ideas.

Tax season is over on Thursday so the stress of my through the week job will lessen drastically. My first goal is to spend April 16-30 planning the rest of my year and taking stock of what I actually have in my studio. I cleaned my studio Sunday but I didn’t organize anything, I’m planning to get everything organized and stored in places that make sense. I know there are things lurking in the studio that I haven’t touched in years. I may even post some of my destash stuff in my Etsy shop. I’m also planning to finish some things that have been hanging around staring at me longingly such as my Sylvi coat and Asymmetric cardigan (its now to warm to wear either) and my bright happy colored spinning. During the two weeks of planning, I’m going to try to resist the temptation of starting something new (except for two things with a deadline in the first week of May). I need to stop jumping head first into twelve different projects at once because, in reality, I only have two hands and I haven’t quite figured out how to clone myself yet.

For me, the 10k hours project is about getting to the level artistically that I want to be at instead of dreaming about it and saying “someday” I’ll have time. I’m not getting any younger and “someday” will probably never come so I have to make that time TODAY. I’m hoping that through the 10k hours I’ll streamline processes and know what works for me and what doesn’t. I want to learn new techniques along the way and find new ways of combining my talents (books and fiber). I also hope to create cohesive collections that have gallery potential… but that’s a long way down the road.


EDIT: Just for the record… there are two things that I will be starting with in the two weeks. I signed up for the Everyday Adventures class that begins tomorrow and I also signed up for a Murder Mystery Spin Along that should ship out sometime next week.


2 thoughts on “Plans For the Future

  1. Thanks for coming to sheep shearing; loved seeing you here! The Everyday Adventure class sounds like a lot of interesting fun; how’s it going?

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