Sunday Etsy Finds – Jelly Fish

Jelly Fish OOAK ACEO Card Original by Rushing – biggirl4664


hello jellyfish card – juliepeach


Fine Silver Jelly Fish with Pearls and Fire Opal Rondelles – MWTArtJewelryDesigns


Yellow Jelly Fish Sheer Tunic – FlumeWear


STAINED GLASS JELLYFISH – Blue Green – Dianesglasswork



Saturday Podcast Review – Forgotten Classics

Monday to Friday eight hours a day, I have an office job. I also have an hour-long drive to work on the weekends. That is a lot of silence to fill and I can only listen to music for so long before I get sick of the same songs over and over. Podcasts are an answered prayer. I’m reviewing some of my favorites to listen to so that others out there like me can check them out and maybe fall in love with them too. Most of the podcasts I listen to are knitting or craft related but not all of them. Some of them are well known and are listened to by thousands and others are just getting started or not as mainstream. Feel free to suggest other podcasts for me to check out and possibly review. Also, if you’re an avid podcast listener, please leave reviews on Itunes and let your favorites (or maybe not so favorites) know what you think.

Forgotten Classics podcast is not necessarily a crafting podcast but is a wonderful podcast to craft by. I’ve not listened to all the episodes but I’ve listened to The Uninvited by Dorothy Macardle all the way though. I loved it! Julie reads beautifully and I’m always longing for more at the end of the episode. If you’re up for hearing a wonderful book and taking a break from purely crafting podcasts, give Forgotten Classics a try.

This Week’s 10kH Update

I received a custom order this week for nine Math Nerd journals that are going to be gifts for a school’s math department. (BTW, Math teachers freaking Rock!)

Math Nerd Journals
Math Nerd Journals

I’m also working on a journal for Dani of Craft Culture for her to use to document her Summer Tour. No photos of that yet but I’ve got what resembles a book at the moment, even if it isn’t stitched together yet.

Wednesday WIP’s

This week looks much like last week, but I’ve made progress on both things.

I’m 3/5ths of the way through the Tappan Zee cardigan:

Tappan Zee

I’m 1/2 of the way through my Murder Mystery spin along fiber. Now I’m ready for the second bobbin.

Murder Mystery SAL

How Does Your Garden Grow

Sorry, I’m a day late.

Yesterday, I planted some daisy & poppy seeds along the steep hillside in our yard that is really difficult to mow. Our hope is that we’ll have a hillside full of beautiful flowers and not have to mow it until the end of the season. *fingers crossed*

Today, I planted some Honeydew melon seeds. Since they’re the same family as the pumpkins I planted them in the same spots as the pumpkins hoping that they’ll have the same success that I had last year.

Speaking of pumpkins; these have sprouted up!

The roses and peonies are in full bloom and look gorgeous!
Rose bush

Peony bush

Friday FO’s

I recently made another Ishbel shawl in the larger size. I made it in Alpaca Prima in a pretty heather brick red.

Ishbel Detail

Ishbel #2 - Large Size

This was the last yarn I spun on a spindle. The fiber came from Cindy of Studioloo in my Monty Python swap package. I love the bright colors!

Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

This Cranberry beauty is what I spun on Willow during an eight hour Dr. Who marathon on Sunday. 157 yards, 2 ply, wool but not sure what kind. Looks to be near sport weight.

Cranberry Delight

10kH Update

Ok, I’ve yet to do something everyday….. but I’m trying.

I mailed off my pages for a group book project last week. Our project was based on the poem Husbandry by Jennifer Borges Foster. I did the best I could since I don’t have a way of producing multiples of the same work (such as letterpress). Each was drawn, traced onto trace paper, and then traced onto the original by holding it to a very large window (hooboy did my arm hurt after 4+ hours of that) then details were added in.

My pages for BEST Books Group project

I got pretty far behind in my Everyday Adventures class too. But here are the last two pages I completed.

Everyday Adventures Class - Colors of my World

BTW, you may notice that those are balls of yarn… I cut each of those out of a Knit Picks catalog.

Everyday Adventures Class - Interesting Garbage

It’s hard to tell in this photograph, but the I (heart) NYC looks like an old battered neon sign in person.

The big news for the 10kH project this week (for me at least) is that there are now two 10kH’ers in the house. My husband was able to get a nice keyboard from a friend this past weekend and he’s going to spend his 10k hours learning how to play piano… and he’s even keeping track of his time in one of my hand-bound books.

Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

I have yet to officially plant anything this year. I’m assuming that one or some of my pumpkin seeds will germinate and I’ll have pumpkins again, but you never know. I’m purchased some honey dew melon seeds and some flower seeds but they’re still here on my table in the packets. Some of my regulars have shown up too, like the oregano, peonies, & roses.

Rosebud & Raindrop

Chewed Leaves