Podcast Review – Craft Culture

So I haven’t done a podcast review, or any other blog post for that matter, in awhile. Life happens and it took me away from some things for a bit but I’m going to try to keep up this time. *fingers crossed*

Today’s podcast review is of Craft Culture which is hosted by Dani (who is just a super awesome person). I love this podcast. It is incredibly smart and thought provoking. Dani looks at crafts from a sociological point of view and raises questions about things like social knitting as opposed to solo knitting and gender roles in crafts. While a large chunk of the content is about knitting, this podcast explores other crafts as well. Dani is a knitter, spinner & tea goddess. She is also a designer and you can find her patterns over on Ravelry.

Dani is about to embark on an amazing trip through the US. The Craft Culture Summer Tour will be July 1-24 & will stop in 9 different cities. During the tour, Dani will be exploring the culture of group knitting. She’ll be visiting S&B’s, Prayer Shawl groups, and other knitting groups to discover why these groups formed, why they continue, and why people join them.

craft culture summer tour

Please check out her website for all the details and to help Dani make this trip possible. She is asking for donations to help fund her tour. I have donated one of my felted sewing needle cases to the cause. For every $10 you donate, your name will be added to a drawing for the needle book and many other donated items. So be a doll and help Dani conquer the world… or at least 9 US cities.


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