10kH Update

Ok, I’ve yet to do something everyday….. but I’m trying.

I mailed off my pages for a group book project last week. Our project was based on the poem Husbandry by Jennifer Borges Foster. I did the best I could since I don’t have a way of producing multiples of the same work (such as letterpress). Each was drawn, traced onto trace paper, and then traced onto the original by holding it to a very large window (hooboy did my arm hurt after 4+ hours of that) then details were added in.

My pages for BEST Books Group project

I got pretty far behind in my Everyday Adventures class too. But here are the last two pages I completed.

Everyday Adventures Class - Colors of my World

BTW, you may notice that those are balls of yarn… I cut each of those out of a Knit Picks catalog.

Everyday Adventures Class - Interesting Garbage

It’s hard to tell in this photograph, but the I (heart) NYC looks like an old battered neon sign in person.

The big news for the 10kH project this week (for me at least) is that there are now two 10kH’ers in the house. My husband was able to get a nice keyboard from a friend this past weekend and he’s going to spend his 10k hours learning how to play piano… and he’s even keeping track of his time in one of my hand-bound books.


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