How Does Your Garden Grow?

Notice I left out the “Monday” part of that title… because yes, it is again Tuesday and I’m posting. I have a good excuse though. We did a lot of house work this weekend and basically rearranged the entire house. We have a much bigger den and reclaimed a closet. Here’s the start of my yarn decorating in my corner of the den.

Yarn curtain

I ran out of clips or there would be much more yarn hanging there. I’m also leaving some room to add more hand spun yarn when I finish them.

Ok, on to the plants….

The pumpkins have more than doubled in size this week. I love when they start getting the little curly bits.

Pumpkins week 2

Pumpkin curly bits

The oregano has taken over the front half of this flower box.


The roses are beginning to fade but the bush still looks wonderful.

Rose Bush

We had several big storms the past few days and this is what it did to my peonies.

Poor Peonies


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