Call To Crocheters!

A Likely Yarn is collecting pieces for the Smithsonian Museum’s Community Crochet Coral Reef project. Patterns are available at the shop upon request. Finished pieces are due by August 25. Feel free to bring in your pieces early, as I will be setting up a display before we ship them out. If you need to contact the shop the phone number is 276-628-2143 or email alikelyyarn[at]yahoo[dot]com

The pieces can be made in any color and any size.
Check the Smithsonian’s Website to see all the details of the project.

The crochet coral reef will be displayed in the National Museum of Natural History from October 16, 2010 to April 24, 2011.

Here’s a small sample from Beverly who is putting this project together.

Any and all projects will be a great help no matter how small or large!


The Real Life FO.

I’ve finally quit my job. Those of you who know me know that I’ve been miserable at my job for a very, VERY long time (basically, since the day I started). I’m no longer going to have to endure the constant tension and feeling of panic while trying to do my job. I will never have to deal with the horrible boss again. No more tax season crunch or the Year End Payroll debacle.

I’m going to miss seeing my mom everyday and I’ll miss being able to just pop home whenever I need to. But…

I’m moving on to bigger and better things. Wooly things. Soft, squishy, furry things. Fun things. All while working with people I love in a wonderfully supportive environment.

I’m ready for my new beginning.

Abingdon is a stop on the Craft Culture Summer Tour!


Dani of the Craft Culture podcast is on her Summer Tour. She is visiting five cities in the Eastern US Chicago, IL, Cleveland, OH, Newark, NJ, Abingdon, VA and Greensboro, NC along with her home town of Anchorage, AK during the tour. She is traveling around to meet knitters and knitting groups to discover why, how, ins and outs of what we do.

Sunday evening I’ll be picking up Dani from the train station. (I’m so super excited to see Dani! Squeee!) Monday we’ll be visiting Thistle Cove Farm and Dreamland Alpacas and seeing the sights of Southwest Virginia.

Tuesday, July 20th, You’ll get the chance to meet Dani! She’ll be at A Likely Yarn from 3-8 conducting interviews with our area knitters & knitting groups. Come by and say Hello!

Paper Kitty’s Wellness Challenge for Craft Addicts Week Six

Check out Week One for all the details of how to the Wellness Challenge works and how to join in and be eligible for the monthly giveaway.


“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.” – Roman philosopher, mid-1st century AD or Closing Time by Semisonic


Remember that old saying that you needed to chew each bite of food 32 times? Well it’s true! Ok, maybe not 32 exactly but if you take time to chew your food and eat slowly, you’ll eat less. This is because many times we eat faster than our full trigger signals can reach the brain.


Did you know that exercise boosts the serotonin levels in our brains which leads to improved mental clarity.


This month’s giveaway is one Crafty Kitten Recycled Mixed Paper Journal stamped with the word or phrase of your choice. (Try to keep it to letters only, I don’t own a number set yet.) Winner will be announced on August 5th. The last day to get your entry in is August 4th at midnight EST.


I did well with the water. I did have a couple glasses of tea and juice but at least 80% of my liquids this week was water. I didn’t do so well with the exercise though, in fact, I didn’t make time to exercise at all.

I have a really huge week coming up. Drastic changes in my routine and schedules and I’m going to be super busy most of the week. I’m not going to focus on exercise this week. I’m in stead going to focus on portion control and relearning to listen to my tummy voice. I’m going to try to eat only when my body tells me to and to eat slowly so I can stop when my tummy says it’s full.


So tell me, what’s your small goal this week and what are you thankful for?

Oh, and please invite your friends and help spread the word 🙂

Monday’s How Does Your Garden Grow

The honeydew is slowly growing.

Honey Dew

The oregano still looks beautiful.


The pumpkins have begun to grow around the front of the house. My guess is that it is it’s defense against the neighbor who keeps mowing over it.


Pumpkin Bloom

This little gal is so pretty!

Pretty Blooms

And the apple “bush” has a whole bunch of apples on it. Probably not edible though.

Apples on the Apple "bush"

Malabrigo, You’ve broken my heart.

I used to love Malabrigo Sock yarn. I could have written sonnets about my love for the Malabrigo at one time. The colors are amazing and the softness, *swoon*, but…..

I had an incident last fall with my blackrose socks. I knit them with no problems, wore them three times then discovered a hole in them. I shrugged it off as a fluke, frogged them and put the yarn in my sock yarn bin to be reknit into another pair of socks. There wasn’t a reason for the hole, I hadn’t snagged them on anything. I had hand washed them because they were a dark color and I wanted to make sure they wouldn’t bleed before I ventured into tossing them into the washer. After today’s incident, I know that it wasn’t a fluke at all.

Today, I tried to wind another malabrigo sock yarn into a ball so I can test knit a sock for a friend. I noticed when I put it on the swift that there were more than the usual number of ends just dangling, and they weren’t tied to anything. Still I was hopeful. I’ve seen large yardage skeins that have breaks and I was willing to work with that since this yarn is my favorite color.

Then I started winding it. *sigh* I ended up with 15 different pieces. One large ball, that I’m really leery of using, and a whole bunch of little bits that range from small balls to strings about a yard long. It was simply falling apart as the winder tugged on it. The tension on the yarn will be stronger when I knit it than what the winder was putting on it and I’m afraid the sock will disintegrate as I’m knitting it. Unfortunately, I’m on both a time and budget limit so I will be using the largest ball to test knit the sock. *fingers crossed* I hope it holds together long enough to take the photo.

Malabrigo, You've broken my heart.

Malabrigo, you no longer hold my heart. In fact, I’ll likely never buy your sock yarn again. Lace on the other hand…. well, I still love you.

EDIT: Just to answer a few questions that have come up about the yarn. I purchased it just a few days after it arrived at the shop. I brought it home and stored it in a Rubbermaid container with the rest of my yarns (which have had no issues) and it was stored with moth deterring things like lavender sachets and cedar balls. I haven’t had any issues with moths at my home but keep my yarns stored this way just in case.

2nd EDIT: I have been in contact with an intern for Malabrigo and she is willing to see if a replacement can be sent to me. I may be able to love Malabrigo Sock again.