Paper Kitty’s Wellness Challenge for Craft Addicts – Week Four

Check out Week One for all the details of how to the Wellness Challenge works and how to join in and be eligible for the monthly giveaway.


The time to be HAPPY is now.


Feeling stressed? Find away to relax this week. Take a walk in a quiet place, do yoga, or snuggle under a blanket (and in front of the a/c) with your favorite book. Stress can do crazy things like keep you from losing weight or cause you to gain unwanted weight.


Did you know that Hatha yoga is a gentle yoga which burns the calorie equivalent of a slow walk. Stretch, relax, find your center, and burn calories all at the same time.


This month’s giveaway: One Crafty Kitten Recycled Mixed Paper Journal stamped with the word or phrase of your choice. (Try to keep it to letters only, I don’t own a number set yet.) Winner will be announced on July 8th. The last day to get your entry in is July 7th at midnight EST.


Give me an inch and I’ll take a mile. I’m back to eating the full range of foods. I have limited my meat consumption though. I had a pretty social week so there was plenty of restaurant food but I tried to make good choices.

This week’s goal is to up the exercise. I would like to get at least 2 hours total in this week. That averages out to about 17 minutes a day.

This week I’m thankful for netflix which I have discovered carries workout DVD’s and some of them can be streamed online. Since I have the free Wii disk, I can stream them right to my TV.


So tell me, what’s your small goal this week and what are you thankful for?

Oh, and please invite your friends and help spread the word 🙂


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